SNAG Selections: 10 Best-Dressed Musicians

There are a select few musicians in the scene that have developed their own unique aesthetic, style, and brand in a way that sets them apart from the rest. They have gone beyond what it means to be a standard artist and established an image that is chased inside and outside of popular culture by millions of people.

These icons of industry and purveyors of pop culture continue to leave a stamp on the apparel industry and the fashion world as a whole. While many musicians fall into the best-dressed category, these are a few SNAG favorites and names from the past decade that we think truly wear the crown.

John Mayer

john mayer

With fans ranging from sorority girls to 60-year-old deadheads, it’s hard to deny that John Mayer doesn’t have a wide appeal. Especially when it comes to his fashion sense. 

As a touring member with Dead & Company (at least for one more summer) in addition to a very successful solo career, Mayer has captured the attention of people everywhere. This includes the likes of GQ and multiple well-established fashion brands which he has partnered with on various occasions.

Leon Bridges

leon bridges

Yet another one of GQ’s favorites, we have Leon Bridges and his unmatched apparel technique. Oftentimes pulling off unlikely combinations, like Hawaiian shirts and blazers, Bridges has that ability and confidence to make any outfit work. Believe it or not, Leon actually earned his stripes in Fort Worth gigging open mics in between shifts at Del Frisco’s Grille. Don’t be surprised if you see Mr. Bridges in your area as he sets out on tour this Spring 2023.



One of the most famous electronic music producers in the scene, a Denver local, our neighbor, GRiZ. It isn’t uncommon to catch GRiZ strolling down 16th street in downtown Denver at any given moment and is oftentimes easy to catch by his bright-colored fits and vibrant style. His merch is the truth too! 

Laura Lee

laura lee

One of the most badass bassists doing it right now, Laura Lee shreds just as many strings as she does styles. As one of the founding members and driving creative forces behind the funk-fueled, psychedelic rock band Khruangbin, Leezy has become well known for her fashion sense almost as much as she has become renowned for her musical accolades.

Fans in attendance at a Khruangbin set are likely to see two, three, or possibly even more outfit changes through a show as it progresses.

Mac Miller

mac miller​​

The legend himself. Not a day goes by when Mac Miller isn’t remembered or honored in some form or another. If not for his music or larger-than-life personality then for his fits. You might remember us nominating him to our SNAG Vintage Snapback All-Star Team in 2020 and since then, nothing has changed. Mac still remains one of the best-dressed musicians to ever do it, especially when it comes to the hat game.

Remi Wolf

remi wolf

Coming out of Palo Alto, California, the former American Idol contestant and current pop-culture icon Remi Wolf has only been relative for the past four years or so but has been crushing it since her emergence on the scene. Remi has been seen throwing together a barrage of outfits that includes different textiles, patterns, colors, and more, all working in a cohesive flow that few can pull off. Look for Remi to continue pushing boundaries in fashion, entertainment, and music as her young career is far from its precipice.

A$AP Rocky

a$ap rocky

Pretty Flacko has entered the party. What more can be said about A$AP Rocky that hasn’t already been said? This guy made Babushkas look cool. Let us remind you that this is a garment typically worn by old women in Russia and Poland, and now A$AP has guys like Cam Newton rocking the wrap. Today, A$AP Rocky has become incredibly well-established in the fashion with appearances in Vogue, GQ, and Complex in addition to owning his own fashion line - AWGE.

Tyler, The Creator

tyler, the creator

The goofball of the bunch. If you know Tyler, The Creator then you know that his personality is oftentimes just as bright and boisterous as the clothes he wears. At times, it seems like some of the looks he wears are jokes or done so for a comedic effect, but one way or another the fits are still hitting! Today, you can find designs and creations inspired directly by the mind of Tyler, The Creator at his company, GOLF WANG.



It’s been nearly two decades now since Rihanna was discovered by American record producer Evan Rogers and signed with Jay-Z at DefJam records. Since then, she has won ​​9 Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 13 American Music Awards, and 7 MTV Video Music Awards. During the course of all this, she has remained one of the most well-dressed and fashionable artists inside and outside of the genres she treads in.



The last name on our list needs no introduction. Pharrell Lanscilo Williams is an artist who established himself in the 90s yet continues to make a name for himself inside and outside of the music and fashion world. In 2003, Pharrell founded the Billionaire Boys Club fashion line and since then has become an icon through several fashion trends ranging from skatewear to high-end jewelry. More recently, Louis Vuitton named Pharrell as their newest creative director replacing the world-famous Virgil Abloh.