The Vintage Snapback All-Star Team

As a buyer and seller of vintage snapbacks, Snag & Stitch is always looking towards pop culture and fashion icons for inspiration and ideas for custom hats

While there is plenty of inspiration to be found today, we can’t help but look back at the ’90s and some of the icons of that era that had impeccable taste for vintage snapbacks. And also, one very special musician with a more recent impression on our lives.

Pay no attention to the order of this list as we believe all of these characters had an impeccable taste for style and retro lids. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this list is filled out or not. So if you think you know someone - an athlete, musician, or actor - with a library of fire vintage snaps, let us know.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

denim snapback

What happens when you put a West Philly character like the Fresh Prince in a Los Angeles neighborhood? Among other hijinks and shenanigans, you get a stylistic fusion of a dude who knows how to rock vintage snapbacks and have a good time.

vintage snapbacks

Most of us grew up on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and remember it as one of our all-time favorite TV shows. One of Snag & Stitch’s favorite part about the show? Will’s flawless taste for fresh vintage snapbacks and his “why not?” attitude towards life.

blue vintage snapback

Let’s all take a moment to salute the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and his effortless style and contribution to so many of our childhoods.

2. Beastie Boys

vintage miller snapback

The bad-boys of Brooklyn to Manhattan, making noise everywhere they go - The Beastie Boys are one of our personal favorites on this list of vintage snapback all-stars.

texaco snapback

From left-to-right: Ad-Rock, Mike D, MCA

Just like their music, The Beastie Boys’ sense of style was loud and in your face. Unapologetic and incredibly authentic, these 3 New York natives walked the walk and talked the talk in all aspects of the Hip-Hop Game. From their threads to the vintage snapbacks they were often seen wearing, everything about The Beastie Boys was unique and one of a kind.

vintage hats

We are especially hyped for the new Beastie Boys documentary being directed by Spike Jonze to come out this April. Catch it in IMAX and on Apple TV+ this April.

3. Billy & Sydney - White Men Can’t Jump

colnago snapback

If you haven’t seen the movie White Men Can’t Jump, what you’re going to need to do next is exit out of this blog, and either find the movie online or stop by your nearest Blockbuster.

bike hat

And if you do happen to find a Blockbuster, try to buy a vintage snapback off an employee (and a VHS copy of Ghostbusters 2). If you get these two items, hit us up, we may or may not have a proposition for you.

retro snapbacks

If you have seen this movie, we hope you loved it as much as we did. It resonated Los Angeles street basketball culture and the fashion trends present at the time perfectly. Plus, Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson were a duo that was absolutely untouchable.

4. Tupac

vintage white sox snapback

A poet, actor, musician, activist, style icon, and much more, Tupac was a prolific individual in the history of all things hip-hop and pop-culture.

striped snapback

Whether it was a bandana or a vintage snapback, Tupac was always rocking something fresh on his dome.

blue vintage snapback

5. Michael Jordan

vintage bulls snapback

Ok, this one is a little bit of a jip because MJ won so many championships that he had plenty of fire vintage snapbacks to commemorate them. But still, MJ balled on and off the court.

jordan snapback

As we said, you’ve got to dress the part. Jordan had drip and that’s part of the reason he’s a household name. Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of vintage snapbacks that you could have easily found in MJ’s closet. Check them out here.

6. Mac Miller

From Blue Slide Park to Circles, Mac Miller has attacked the rap scene from every angle of production and lyrical composition. And the entire time he was doing that he was simultaneously destroying the hat game. If you were touched by his art at any time in your life, you might have also appreciated the vintage snapbacks and retro lids he wore from time to time.

5 panel snapback

It goes without saying that Malcolm James McCormick had an undeniable style and an impeccable taste that mimicked his talent as an artist.

steelers snapback

It’s been said that when you dress a certain way, it shifts your internal self to pursue certain ambitions. A banker might wear a suit and tie that makes himself feel more serious or concentrated. And I’m sure when a Buddhist Shaman adorns himself with beads and a gown, he may be able to tap into things a little better too. And we think Mac probably did the same, not for attention, not for endorsements, but to feel a little bit more like himself.

don't trip snapback

At Snag & Stitch, we couldn’t agree with him more. If it makes you feel good and gives you a little more pep in your step than that’s all that matters. Mac made music because it made him happy. We trade, sell, and buy vintage snapbacks because it makes us happy. 

So come check out our shop and if you dig anything or you’re interested in collaborating on a custom design, hit us up.