How to Find Out Your Vintage Shirt Size

One of the all-time worst feelings in the world, right next to eating undercooked fries or locking your keys in the car, is getting a shirt or other piece of clothing in the mail and discovering that it doesn’t fit. Waiting for days, sometimes even weeks, just to discover that the medium comes with a midriff. This has been perhaps the biggest issue while online shopping for vintage clothes. While it may be worth it to skip the lines, the overly-enthusiastic employees, and get direct access to a streamline of retro apparel, fitting and sizing continue to plague online shoppers everywhere. 

But the buck stops here. There is no reason to be blindly selecting between a S, M, L, XL, and so on, any longer. Just because you fit a large with one brand, doesn’t mean you’ll fit in a large at another. As a retro clothing company that stocks our inventory with vintage shirts from a number of different places, we carry several different brands. All of which have sizing metrics that may differ from one another. These metrics can be based on anything from the geographic area an article of clothing was made in to the time or era it was made in. So when you’re dealing with vintage shirts, there is a lot to consider. 

Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to find out if a vintage shirt is your size here at SNAG. We know a system that anyone with a tape measurer can use. No more guesses or assumptions. No more ill-fitting clothes and dealing with returns.

How to Find Out Your Vintage Shirt Size - 

All you need to find out your vintage shirt size is a tape measurer and your favorite-fitting shirt. The two measurements that you’re going to need to know are the pit to pit measurement and the collar to hem measurement.

Pit to Pit: Start by laying your favorite fitting shirt on a flat surface. With the sleeves spread out normally, measure from one pit to the next. Now you have your pit-to-pit size!

Collar to hem: Next, with your shirt still laying on a flat surface, measure from the very top (collar) down to the bottom of the shirt. This measurement is your collar to hem.

With just these two measurements you will be able to shop our selection of vintage shirts without worrying about whether a certain size will fit you right! Every vintage shirt we put on the site will have these two measurements included so make sure you keep your numbers handy.  As always, our line is open. So if you have additional questions about the sizing and fitting of our vintage shirts, hit us up. We’re happy to help and want to do all we can to make sure when that package comes, it comes correct.