How to Pack and Travel with Your Vintage Snapbacks

Going on vacation often means going out. This being the case, you’re probably going to want to bring a solid rotation of lids and vintage snapbacks with you to keep the fit looking fresh. 

But how exactly do you travel with your vintage snapback collection without damaging them? Everyone has that one hat that has a weird crease in it or an odd bend in the brim that makes it unwearable. Whether that was from a day playing ball or haphazardly throwing it in your luggage, odds are you’re going to be leaving that one at home. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can store and carry your vintage snapbacks so you can travel with them without the fear of damage. 

The Sock Method

One very common way that people travel with their snapbacks and baseball hats is with the sock method. 

This method starts with flipping your hats upside down, placing one inside the other if you have multiple, and lightly filling the cap with socks, underwear, or anything soft. Next, you surround the hats with items that complement the fit of their brims and crowns 

If you can strategically find the best items to protect the integrity and shape of your hats you should rest assured that they will be just fine on the other end. 

The Snap & Hook Method

As the name suggests, this method involves snapping & hooking the back of your hat around the top handle of your backpack turning it into a keychain of hats -- a hat chain if you will.

Ok, let’s change the name to the hat chain method. And if you really want to ball out, buy a chain, and snap and hook your hats to that to really show off your collection. But that is a little excessive and probably pretty unideal when it comes time to eat a chili dog or something like that. 

While we wouldn’t entirely recommend that last option, the original snap & hook method is a great way to take snapbacks along on your travels. Just make sure you keep a watchful eye on your bags if your collection of vintage snapbacks is that stacked.

Hat Carriers

If you really want to ensure the traveling reliability and security of your hats, and you have snapbacks or baseball hats that are extremely valuable to you, purchasing a hat carrier may be a worthwhile investment. 

New Era hats produced their own line of cap carriers with models that store anywhere from 2-6 hats at once. While the prior methods are great for the cost-weary traveler, the cap carriers are a full-proof method to keep your vintage snapbacks safe from any damage. Besides maybe like a tsunami or volcanic eruption. We can not confirm they are tsunami or lava proof at the moment but will reach out to New Era hats for more details on that.

In other news, Snag & Stitch has in fact been working on manufacturing and selling vintage and custom snapbacks with disaster and weather-proof properties. These include keeping the sun out of your eyes and making you flier than the clouds.

Stay tuned for more fire from the Snag & Stitch lab as well as a new stock of vintage snapbacks hitting the lineup soon.