Top 10 Vintage Snapbacks to Ever Hit the Site

Working at a vintage snapback and clothing store is like having courtside seats at the Lakers game for life. You get to see some absolute legends up close and personal. 

Now, you might think that comparing some old snapbacks and t-shirts with phenoms like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal is a bit overkill. But you don’t know how much we love vintage snapbacks and clothes at Snag & Stitch. Which, considering we packed up and moved to Denver to do it full time, is a whole lot. 

So much so, that we had to make a top 10 blog to memorialize some of our favorite vintage snapbacks to ever hit the site. While some of these are long gone, read on to find out if any of these legendary lids plan on making a comeback and most importantly, to discover which retro hats were the best of the best. 

10. Sunny Delight Solar Energy

vintage sunny d snapback

Rounding out the top of our list is the vintage Sunny D snapback we had for sale, which was as orange as the fruit that it definitely wasn’t made from. But who cares if this childhood beverage is made of syrup and sugar? It made any lunch 100x better, even if Mom did pack the leftover meatloaf. 

9. Grateful Dead Dancing Bear

vintage grateful dead hat

An all-time favorite at Snag & Stitch, one of our first vintage grateful dead hats to hit the site. Featuring the iconic dancing bear, stitched on a white corduroy with a zip back, this retro hat is going to become your new favorite when you add it to the lineup. That’s right, due to popular demand, we’ve re-upped on this all-time classic for those of you who didn’t get a chance to snag it the first time around! Check it out before it’s gone.

8. Wendy’s Montana International Hockey Cup  wendys vintage snapback

We’ve had some pretty wild sports snapbacks for sale on the site. But this Wendy’s sponsored hockey tournament hat might just take the cake. And it has our imagination absolutely running. We’re people crushing Dave’s Doubles and Baconators on the sidelines in between ice time? Does Montana have a secret obsession with Wendy’s? So many unanswered questions. All from one unbelievably unique vintage snapback.

7. USA Olympics

vintage olympics snapback


It’s been 24 long years since the USA hosted the Olympic games. But now, we only need to wait 8 more years for those games to make it back to domestic soil. In 2028, Los Angeles will be home to the Games of XXXIV Olympiad. Which makes this vintage corduroy snapback a perfect celebration.

6. Canadian Geese

vintage hunting hat

In gray corduroy, this vintage snapback was quick to take flight back in August when it made its debut. In picking up this item, we also learned that the correct term is “Canada Goose”. Who said selling snapbacks won’t teach you about the world??

5. Pizza Hut

vintage pizza hut snapback

Alright, so you’re telling us that these were the hats you got for working at a pizza chain in the late 1900s? For minimum wage? Shoot, we would spin dough for free if it meant getting our hands on a retro snapback like this one.  

4. Welch’s

welchs snapback

Not the first childhood beverage to make it to our top 10, and probably not the last. Even today, whether it’s with a casual slice or when you’re filling up the tank, there’s something about a can of ice-cold Welch’s grape soda that tastes like an elixir squeezed from the grapevines of Greek gods and Roman emperors. Plus, it’s only 99 cents.

3. Pillsbury Dough Golfer

vintage pillsbury snapback

Is there anything the Pillsbury doughboy can’t do? We heard that the same day he did the photoshoot for this throwback snapback he shot a 76. And that was after crushing 18 cinnamon rolls. It was probably the most legendary thing to ever happen in the sport of golf. Sorry, Tiger. 

2. The California Raisins

vintage california snapback

The silver medal for this edition of the best vintage snapbacks goes out to one of the chillest dried grapes that we know, the California Raisin. If he’s not out on the water catching epic sets, you can find him eating fish tacos at Baja Grill or playing with his Sublime cover band. 

1. Sherwin Williams - Splatter Paint

vintage painters snapback

There are several rumors that have circulated the creation of, in our opinion, the freshest vintage snapback to ever make it on Snag & Stitch, the Sherwin Williams Splatter Paint. Some say SW hired Naval grade snipers and equipped them with paintball guns to make this masterpiece. Others said it was a product of Vincent Van Gogh’s hologram. Either way, we got our hands on it earlier this year, only for it to fly off the shelves the very next day. 

Show your stuff!

Do you think this list of vintage hats was accurate? Should the grateful dead snapback have been higher up? Were there not enough sports snapbacks featured? Are there other hats that should’ve made the list? Let us know! And if you happened to have scored one of these gems, tag us on your Instagram story or anywhere on social media!

Until then, we will begin our search for the next vintage snapbacks to make it to our top 10...