Hatology: Different Types of Hats and the People Who Wear Them

During the near decade that we’ve operated a custom hat and vintage clothing store, we have come across several different characters who appreciate a nice snapback. Much like the vintage hats in our Denver storefront, everyone who wears a cap has a different story.

Sometimes, you can see where a person has been through their eyes, behavior, or overall demeanor. Other times, you can look at their hat, and start to get a picture of who that person really is under their crown.

Endless Summer

Don’t count on catching this cat wearing shoes, because he doesn’t own them. What they do have in their possession, however, is a sun-soaked RVCA hat picked up from the local Ron Jon’s during their going-out-of-business flash sale. The Endless Summer character will remember their hat before remembering their keys when heading out the door, and the only thing they appreciate more than a minimal outlook on fashion are some tasty waves.

You can try to have a conversation with them, but it’s only going to end in them asking you where you’ve surfed, where you plan on surfing, or where you suggest surfing. When it comes to the bathroom line at a festival, this is the guy you want to chat with as they’ve got stories upon stories.

BMX Hipster

Coming straight out of Portland, Oregon, the BMX hipster rocks a brim bent upwards, typically from some vague skate shop that no one has heard of. They wear this hat during their catering job and 100% of the time when they ride, only taking it off in brief moments to re-die their hair red.

While this guy might not care about much, especially organized government and giving back to the community, he does love his hat. Like a lot of us, his hat has grown with him, and been through multiple experiences with him. It has become an extension of his body, and for that, he will forever be enshrined at SNAG Collective.

Gym Hardo/Cop

We’ve never thought of hats as things to keep in magnificent condition like designer sneakers or prized possessions. They are meant to be worn and lived in, taking on a life of its own as you go through different experiences. The gym hardo, the one who wears a perfectly folded baseball cap, typically in a dark, solid color, does not feel this way.

They believe that, much like their personality and morals, their hat needs to be rigid and fit to form. These guys do not like doing anything outside of the lines, and more likely than not, have their entire wardrobe categorized by the day of the week. We don’t hate the gym hardo with the perfectly folded black, Under Armor hat, but we certainly don’t love him

Gone Fishin’

If you’re talking bait, bobbers, and braids, this guy is listening. He has owned two hats his entire life - a Bass Pro Fishing hat he got from his uncle on his 13th birthday and a Jack’s Oil Co. trucker he wears for work. Bayou La Batre, Morro Bay, Mystic, Charleston, and Bend are just a few of the places you might catch him casting out at any point of the year.

What’s guaranteed about this tackle wizard, besides the fact that you will always see him wearing his beat-to-shit Bass Pro Shops snapback, is that he will have a smile on his face as long as he’s on the water.

The Modern Deadhead

This crafty character has seen Dead and Company over 100 times and the Grateful Dead zero times. They won’t hesitate to explain to you why John Mayer is the second coming of Jerry Garcia and think the run at The Sphere will reinvent live music. Their hat of choice typically consists of a modern-day cap fixed with a stealie or an assortment of skulls and roses.

We love the modern deadhead for their passion, and praise them for their persistence. Don’t believe anything they have is “off the lot” besides the shitty drugs they might offer you. Long live John Mayer, and long live the modern deadhead.


The superfan has every official Super Bowl Snapback from XXIII to the current date, however, they refuse to wear anything besides a 2006 Chicago Bears conference champions hat. They are loyal to the tee, whether that’s for their favorite team or their go-to vintage hat shop. Don’t try to test him in trivia, because this guy is a human encyclopedia.

When it comes to what we got on our shelves, the Superfan will never leave our Denver clothing store disappointed. From vintage hats that span across the NCAA to custom, made-to-order shirts featuring any team you choose, we’ve got you covered.

Come create your own character in our bottomless warehouse of vintage wonders and original designs.