10 Best Ski Resorts in America

As a vintage snapback and clothing company, it only makes sense that we make a list of the best ski resorts in America. Why? Because our experience buying and selling retro hats have made us experts in ski conditions and snowy terrains. And you can’t be letting companies with names like Snowboarder Magazine tell you what’s what as far as mountains go. 

In all seriousness, our passions at Snag & Stitch go far beyond vintage clothes and snapbacks. More often than not, you will see these passions represented in the retro apparel that we sell. So if you’ve been wondering why we carry so many vintage ski hats, there’s your answer! 

Without further ado, the top 10 best ski resorts in America.


vintage ski aspen hat

Aspen has and will always be a go-to option if you’re trying to plan a ski trip with the squad. With three different mountains and a more than vibrant nightlife, it’s impossible to leave Aspen without a handful of memories and an SD card stacked with footage. Your pick of the litter includes Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain, and Aspen Highlands, so make sure you book your Airbnb for more than a few days.


vintage vail ski hat

A list of the best ski resorts in America wouldn’t be complete without Vail. Getting over 30 feet of snow each year, Vail has been a haven for powder junkies and ski bums for decades. With 5,317 acres of terrain, Vail mountain will keep you busy for hours. This is one chair you want to wake up first for. Untouched snow only stays that way for so long.

Park City

vintage park city ski hat

Coming in at a whopping 7,300 acres, Park City is one of the largest ski resorts in America. With more bowls than a pottery barn, there are few mountains that compare to Park City. Whether you’re just strapping in for the first time, or you’re a seasoned vet, this Utah mountain provides terrain for every skill level. Just outside of Salt Lake City you can make a whole adventure out of your visit.


vintag telluride ski hat

Telluride would definitely have to be one of the more dreamy and breathtaking locations in this list of the best ski resorts in America. Getting an average of 23 feet of snow per year, you can find plenty of powder on this snowy resort. Apparently, the name was adapted from someone shouting “to hell you ride,” but who knows. What we do know, is that people have been riding this resort longer than these vintage ski hats have been around.

Jackson Hole

vintage jackson hole ski hat

While they don’t discriminate against Snowboarders, Jackson Hole is a skier’s resort through and through. With steep runs, tight chutes, and tons of technical terrain, you better have your hardware sharpened before stepping off the lift. Coming in at a total of 133 runs and several terrain parks, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a trail rider or a park rat, Jackson Hole caters to everyone.


vintage breck ski hat

If you’re a fan of bluebirds and skiing in your t-shirt, Breckenridge is the place for you. Due to its high elevation, the mountain stays open late into the season, sometimes even as far as May. Not only does Breckenridge boast long seasons but it also has long lifts. In fact, Breckenridge has the longest life in the USA coming in at 12,840 feet. Just under two hours from Denver International Airport, Breckenridge is definitely a must-hit.

Big Sky

vintage montana ski hat

It’s undeniable how gorgeous Montana is. If you’ve ever been to Big Sky, you probably know why. They say things are bigger in Texas, but Big Sky got its name for a reason. Everything they have there is massive. From the mountains and chairlifts to the snowfall (33 feet per year), don’t come to this resort expecting a mild day. 


vintage steamboat ski hat

In the esteemed and informed opinion of our vintage snapback and clothing store, Steamboat is one of the more underrated ski resorts in America. Mainly because of its distance from Denver (3.5-hour drive), Steamboat is pretty off the map for most skiers and boarders. Which means shorter lift lines and more time riding! With around 26 feet of snow per year and 165 trails, there are plenty of turns to be made at this Northern oasis. So if you want to look more like the guy on the front of this vintage ski hat, we suggest you start making arrangements.


vintage stowe ski hat

Colorado may have a majority of the best ski resorts in America but props must be given to Vermont and the beautiful Mount Mansfield located in Stowe. Considered New England’s highest mountain, Mansfield gets 26 feet of snow each year and boasts some of the best snowmaking abilities in the states. Man-made or not, snow is snow. Despite the popularity of this resort, they’re capable of moving up to 15,516 people across their 10 lifts and two gondolas. So don’t expect to be waiting in the lift line long.

Beaver Creek

vintage beaver creek ski hat

If we had a vintage ski hat for the best groomers in America that lid would undoubtedly go to Beaver Creek. While you may not find many beavers on the mountain, what you will find are freshly paved runs and flawless conditions. Even though the skiing is second-to-none, few resorts can boast having FREE FRESH-BAKED COOKIES every day at 3 PM. Are you kidding me? Imagine getting off a sick run and getting handed a warm cookie.

So what are you waiting for? Winter only lasts so long, and these lifts won’t be running year-round. Grab yourself a fresh new vintage ski hat, pack your bags, and hit the road. And don’t stop until you can hear the chairlift scanner!