What Your Vintage Snapback Says About You

When you own a vintage snapback for long enough, it will begin to gain some character. A certain personality that might reflect who the owner of the hat is. This could come in the form of stains, tears, custom additions, or anything else that life might throw your way. And while the condition, quality, or personality of a hat someone wears won’t always portray who they are, more often than not, it can at least give away some context clues. So we’ve gathered a list of characters and personalities that you might find underneath each of these particular hats.

Mud-stained Bass Pro Shops

You can find this guy doing one of three things - mudding, fishing, or hunting. Sometimes, all of the above on the same day if the season is right. This guy loves vintage snapbacks, but once it gets out of the box or off the rack, it is up to the wills of the universe what might happen to it. They won’t wash the vintage hat because each stain tells a story, a different memory of another great day outdoors.

Vintage Grateful Dead Hat loaded w/ pins

From peace signs to “Jerry for President,” you can find every type of pin on this Grateful Dead hat. As for the person underneath it, they will most likely have a strong belief that “the vaccine will totally be ready for the Dead & Co tour next summer” and that we should all grow our own produce. One heady individual for sure, but definitely the kind of person who could keep a conversation.

Bleached Volcom Stone Snapback

The faded spots on this vintage hat didn’t come from sweat and they didn’t come from any sort of detergent. This vintage snapback has been blessed by the sun, bleached with light strokes of white from rays sent down through the heavens. The reason why is because the cat who wears it is always soaking up the sun with their toes in the sand. Much like our friend at the top of this list with the mud-stained Bass Pro Shops hat, this lid has seen it all. No, it is not waterproof, but that hasn’t kept it from being blown off the boat and getting submerged in water multiple times. But hey, that’s what happens when you’re living life on the go.

Vintage snapback from Chicago Bulls 1993 championship

If you want to know something about the NBA or late 2000’s college basketball, find someone wearing this vintage snapback. People who own memorabilia like this tend to have a huge appreciation for sports and in the case of this vintage snapback, the incredible moments that come from it. Complete and total stat-factories that can name pretty much any player’s numbers from the one on their back to their free-throw percentage.

Vintage Ski Hat w/ Telluride patch 

This hat was originally a blank found at the bottom rack of a vintage clothing store years back. But after heating up a hot iron and throwing an old-school Telluride patch on the front, you’ve got yourself a vintage ski hat that can’t be touched. The kind of DIY person who you might find wearing this hat spends their time making the most of their Epic Pass. All the way from Vail to Austria, this ski bum is most content with snow beneath their feet. 

What does your vintage snapback say about you?

Chances are if you follow a vintage snapback shop like us, you’ve got a hat just like one that was just described. With a story, a personality, and a character of its own. A life that might just be reflective of the same one you live. Whether you do or don’t, there is always time to start a new story with one of the various vintage hats we have in our store. All you have to do is pick one.