How we (make, buy, design, sell, trade, find, create) snapbacks.

How we
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Handpicked Vintage

Pop-culture Pirates

Quest for the Best

Hunting for Treasure - Finding Vintage Snapbacks for Sale

The best of the best are never hidden in plain sight. So if you want to find the nicest vintage snapbacks on the planet, you’re going to have to dig deep. From low-key thrift stores to the never-ending ocean of the internet, our search never stops.

Put a Stamp On It - Verifying Seller & Product

We take what goes in and out of our vintage snapback inventory very seriously. Like jewelers picking out fine diamonds. That means taking the time to make sure the seller is legit and the snapbacks and vintage clothes are up to Snag & Stitch standards.  

So Fresh, So Clean - Quality Check

When we receive vintage snapbacks that may have been previously owned, we take advanced measures to sterilize and clean your hat before sending it out to you. That being said, all of the hats you see on the site come to us in great quality. You can always count on us to keep it cleaner than fresh-pressed linen. 

Customize or Publicize?

Once we get a new vintage snapback that we want to share with the world, we will either customize it and add some Snag & Stitch flair, or throw it on the site. You can learn more about getting customized snapbacks here. 

Original Designs

A Peek Inside the Laboratory

Snapbacks with a Civic Duty

Craft an Idea

A great custom snapback starts with an idea. Not just for a design, but for an objective. You might notice that a lot of our original snapbacks are inspired by different places in the world. Travel and exploration are some of the things that are very important to us. But what’s also important to us is our objective - and that’s to create a company that helps preserve the same world we love to explore and inspire people to do the same.

Choosing a Sustainable Material

During the ideation phase, our hat designer, the mad hatter himself, will select the fabrics and materials to accompany the design of the snapback. The difference between most snapback companies and ours is that our materials are entirely sustainable and eco-friendly. Check it out. 

a. rPET Fabric: Recycled polyester, our go-to fabric. - a material made from recycled bottles. That’s right - that nylon skyline snapback you’ve been rocking on your dome could’ve been made out of a recycled Kool-Aid Bottle (OH YEA!!!). 

b. 100% Organic Cotton: While we’re aiming to be using 100% recycled materials by 2021, some of our designs require very minimal amounts of cotton. When a custom snapback calls for this, we use 100% organic cotton that is certified by burn tests. One of our hat craftsmen even conducts these tests himself. He’s a bit of a pyro, not loved by the Austin Fire Department. Must be why his hat designs are straight HEAT.

c. Water-based Inks: Unlike most industry-standard inks, water-based inks do not contain any plastics, PVC, or other harsh chemicals that can irritate ol’ mother nature. We got you, Earth. 

Finding a Manufacturer or Embroider

If it’s just an embroidery project, our lead hatter takes care of that in-house at our Denver HQ. For more extensive designs and custom wholesale snapbacks, we’ll use a manufacturer. But not just any manufacturer. We resource the most talented, reliable, and morally sound snapback manufacturers we can find. After a long search, we’re very happy to have finally found a fantastic U.S. based partner to help us bring our snapback dreams to life.

The Most Important Part - YOU

Once we’ve gotten back our designs and conducted quality checks comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for. When we get to share our creations with you. While we do carry bulk snapbacks, many of them are limited-run or one-offs. However, our shelves clear out pretty quickly so if you want first dibs follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter so you never miss a drop!